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Wrestler Spotlight: Interview with The Spoilers #montreal #wrestling #interview @QC_TheSpoilers @productionsMWF

The Wrestler Spotlight at Montreal Moonsault is a semi-regular column focusing on the top talent the region has to offer. Sometimes we will spotlight well known wrestlers, sometimes it will be up and comers. This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Carl Choquette (@Choquette67) and Pauly Platinum (@paulyspoiler), founding members of The Spoilers (@QC_TheSpoilers). If you have never seen them wrestle, you're missing out on something. And man, those jackets; I wish I had them.

@mtlmoonsault: Where are you both from?

@paulyspoiler: I am from Lasalle, Quebec. Born and raised.

@Choquette67: I'm from Boisbriand, on the north shore of Montreal. I was born is St-Michel (MTL) but moved there at a very young age. I've been there since I was 5 years old.

@mtlmoonsault: How and when did you get into wrestling? Where did you train?

@paulyspoiler: I have loved wrestling ever since I can remember, my grandfather and my father were both huge wrestling fans. So even at a young age I grew up watching the likes of Dino Bravo, Rick Martel, Abdullah the Butcher and Andre the Giant. Since my family is from the Montreal area they would always tell me about the prime of wrestling here with Grand Prix wrestling and Lutte Internationale. So only when I got a bit older I was introduced to the WWF and watched guys like the Ultimate Warrior, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Razor Ramon and Hulk Hogan.
Since I was raised with the "old school" mentality of wrestling, when my father heard of Jacques Rougeau opening up a school in Montreal it seemed to be a perfect fit. I was 14 years old at the time and was pushed into my first wrestling training with none other then the former Intercontinental champion. I stayed with Rougeau for about 7 years and then we parted ways to put it nicely and ever since I have been on the independent scene.

@Choquette67: I got into wrestling at 18. I just got into a big accident which led me to stay in a wheelchair for almost a year. I broke both my femurs, my collarbone and destroyed my right knee. I needed knee reconstruction and metal plates in both legs. I was playing hockey before all of that happened and insurance wise, nobody wanted me on skates anymore so I got into wrestling on TV. My uncle saw an add for local wrestling in LAVAL and I went with my buddy Francis Leroux and was amazed at the talent they had. Asked the owner if he could train me and he took my number. I thought he had forgotten about me but no, a year later, he called me back and asked me if I was ready. The day after I went to his ring and trained for the first time. The trainer was non other than Fred Lauzon (Wonderfred).

@mtlmoonsault: Who are some of your influences past and present?

@paulyspoiler: Upon seeing the strength and agility of Dino Bravo and Rick Martel at such a young age I believe that really stuck with me; that you don't always have to be 7 feet tall or have 300 pounds of muscle to get some place and be recognized, although looking back Dino Bravo was a pretty big guy.
Presently, I love to look at the independents for inspiration or influence. If I am ever in a bind for the right move or sequence I enjoy looking at Chikara, or Ring Of Honor for ideas, but I can honestly say I do not watch wrestling on a weekly basis and do not know who wrestled the 3rd match of Wrestlemania 6. I tend to pride myself on challenging myself to come up with different ways to present myself through my gimmick and moves by not trying to copy someone but by trying to be more like myself in the ring.

@Choquette67: When I was young, I was really into Jeff Jarrett, Razor Ramon, Owen Hart and pretty all the wrestlers in the IC division. When I started wrestling, I tried (and that's a stretch) to emulate some of their moves. Christian is another one of my influence. Locally, Fred Lauzon has always been a big influence for me. Without him, I surely wouldn't have done as much in wrestling than I did so far.

@mtlmoonsault: Can you name a few accomplishment that you are most proud of?

@paulyspoiler: Although I tend to look at my whole "career" as a whole an accomplishment a few things do stick out in my mind. One being when working for Rougeau, I did a show in St-Constant and it was one of those nights where everything just went well and gelled perfectly. When the local paper covered the show, they only printed a picture of me while explaining and giving a review of the show. It gave me a huge confidence boost and oddly was never mentioned by my trainer Jacques, but that's a whole other bag of peanuts!
Another accomplishment that I hold dear to me heart is the creation of The Spoilers and how it has evolved. It started out as a joke between friends and now is beginning to be something bigger and being recognized as something worth booking that actually has substance and lasting ability.

@Choquette67: Becoming the MWF Champion, my home fed, in 2013 was an unbelievable feeling. Also, being named MWF wrestler of the year was also great. With my partner FTR, battling the Hardcore Ninjas in a table match was awesome. With Eric Lauze, becoming so hated in the IWS. With Pauly, everything we do is classic these days so I'm lucky to be his partner. Personally, my favorite match will always be the good housekeeping match against Josianne The Pussycat because not only did we emulate a Jeff Jarrett match, but we did better and Jarrett acknowledged it on twitter !

@mtlmoonsault: When you're not wrestling, what keeps you busy?

@paulyspoiler: When I am not wrestling I can honestly say I have a boring life. I work, I have a girlfriend, I go to the gym and I see my friends. Nothing too much out of the ordinary for me. Other then the odd animal sacrifice here and there, but other then that completely normal life...

@Choquette67: Since 2012, I've been hard on the gym and training. Lost 145LBS and now trying to gain muscle mass. So I'm there 5 to 6 times a week. Also, playing hockey and running. I did my first half marathon in 2013 and planning to do more in 2014. I also enjoy trips; Pauly, Francis Leroux and I have a tradition to tour Baseball stadiums in North America every year. This year, in may, we're invading the west coast and San Francisco. Aside from that, pretty boring life with work and playing Xbox One and PS4.

@mtlmoonsault: Where can we see you wrestle next?

@paulyspoiler: You can see Carl and I wrestle on the 7th and 8th of February, at NGE in Chateaguay on the 7th and MWF on the 8th, where we will be revealing our new and long awaited 3rd member of The Spoilers!

@Choquette67: Also, NCW, NSPW and NWC will see more of the Spoilers very soon so stay tuned !!

I want to thank The Spoilers for taking the time to be a part of this interview. You can follow their antics on Facebook and on Twitter. And don't miss the big MWF show coming up on February 8th.

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